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Sep 27th, 2011 by admin

By: admin Sep 27th, 2011


So if I am constrained by an unexplainable love, then how is my life affected? If I do not obey, cower, listen or move out of fear; then how do I live with gratitude, amazement and delight?

That brings me to the second greatest revelation of this study… who needs commandments when you have a commitment? The Law given in the Old Testament revealed just how far sin separated us from God, but it’s told that the Law wasn’t God’s first choice. In fact, it seems that the Lord would’ve preferred a closer walk with man and daily fellowship from the beginning. If the Israelite nation would’ve sought the Lord daily and responded in faith, there would be no need for a huge chunk of history. After the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus; that closer relationship was possible and the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of believers allowed us to recognize our capabilities. Sin still hinders but the possibilities are limitless. Being drawn to God and set apart for His purposes is the greatest goal we could ever have.

The reason I push the idea of legalism vs. love so persistently is that I think we’re misunderstood. Anytime someone sees a person living by a godly standard, they fear guilt, condemnation and judgment. Come on, we know it’s true! Even though Scripture says there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus… the point is that there always has been condemnation for those that fall short of the expectations of the church. I sincerely try not to push my beliefs on people, but the difference I offer is undeniable. Silently living set apart for God is the loudest part of my testimony. Those that ask instead of just assuming find something a little deeper than regulation with me. I’ve been told that they feared judgment but only found a uniquely inspiring belief and encouraging words. I’m constantly on my guard to make sure that I haven’t saddled a high horse. I am no better than any other person because I hear and obey God. I could, however, be happier than any other person because I’ve found my purpose. And contrary to popular belief, we do have fun. I am able to live peaceably and with great hope because I’ve found the one true Love.

Because you’re probably wondering and because I’ve been asked more times than I can count, I’d like to add my list of rules here. In summary, He leads and I follow. Most days, I examine my life and my thoughts and my intents against the Word. In those times, I’ve found the following Scriptures and ideas to be very helpful. I pray you feel no pressure to comply, but I also pray that the Lord use these insights to inspire a great response.

Rule #1 – Love the Lord, your God, in spirit and in truth. (Matthew 22; John 4:24)
Rule #2 – Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22)
Rule #3 – Feed the hungry, clothe the needy, visit the sick and the imprisoned. (Matthew 25:34-40)
Rule #4 – Go ye into all the world… (Matthew 28)
Rule #5 – Think on these things… (Philippians 4)
Rule #6 – Doubt not… always find a reason to hope. (Romans 5)
Rule #7 – Walk even as Jesus walked. (1 John 1)
Rule #8 – Follow the instructions of the Word. (Psalm 119)
Rule #9 – Believe in the impossible. (Mark 11)
Rule #10 – Bear fruit. (Galatians 5)

In no way is this list the only way to serve the Lord; this is just my reminder. It’s a standard that is achievable, but still impossible without a renewed mind and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. At times, God asks for the most simple acts of devotion, but there are other times where He requires great sacrifice. We don’t work to earn our salvation or to find our grace or to even win an award. The reward of dedication and obedience is the relationship we create with God Himself. I love Him, but He first loved me. Why would I not be as committed to Him as He was committed to me?

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