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Sep 21st, 2011 by admin

By: admin Sep 21st, 2011


When you live like a Christian, I hope the world around you sees the difference. There should be some simple behavioral differences between those that serve the Lord and those that don’t. To be more exact, the differences in the lifestyles should be earth-shattering. Other than the core personality traits and the physical appearance, everything else should change. Priorities, sense of humor, attitude, relationships, perspective… God leaves no stone unturned when He is rooting out any evil.

Living up to the higher standard defined by a relationship with God is rarely fun but the rewards outshine even the brightest human accolade. I know I say it often and it probably scares some people away but I hope I’m being honest. Choosing to live above reproach and shunning worldly desires in favor of God is not the simple, easy choice most days. Over time, the desires of the flesh fade and the longing to please God grows but my human nature is ever present and is a point of thoughtful consideration for even the most dedicated child of God. The attacks of the enemy change but are still there. Temptation follows even the strong, but focus and dedication because of God’s love is more powerful than any outside influence.

When I understood the significance of my dedication to God, I was able to love Him more dearly and follow Him more freely. It was like a switch in my brain… my love for my sin and my previous life vanished when I realized why I must live up to my potential in Christ. You see, God loves us. Simple gospel message. John 3:16 is even quotable by at least half of the world’s population. But along the way, we’ve forgot to emphasis the importance a deeper relationship with the Lord. Not knowing about Him, not seeing Him at work around us, not just believing that He exists… but falling madly, irrevocably, passionately and crazily in love with Him. Like infatuated lovers who believe the world cannot revolve without their partner, I think that’s the kind of love we’re supposed to find in God. This world and my life are not supposed to work without Him. Many intimate relationships fill the void left by the Lord. People are looking to feel wanted, needed and loved because they were created to find that fulfillment in God. Our friends and coworkers and family members that do not believe fill this hole and comfort their wounds with a variety of things just to make themselves feel better. Sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping… even believers will become addicted to something if they do not become obsessed with God.

Here is the point I’d like this post to make… my life is different because I am dedicated to the one I love. Why shun sin? Why make the daily difficult choice to change? Why try so hard to please God all the time? Most people look at my behaviors and the most common answer is that I’m just a legalist. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t sleep around, I don’t do drugs… they observe and wonder, “Well, what are you allowed to do?” I’ll be the first to admit that I do follow a set of rules. There is a list of things I won’t do, places I won’t go, words I won’t say. But I am not restrained by those laws or any others found in Scripture… I am constrained by an unexplainable love. The only One that loves me more than life itself has asked me to be more like Him. The Creator of my universe and the Son of my sky has requested that I put Him above all else. I do not obey, cower, listen or move out of fear… I respond out of an undying commitment to my Savior and my God. I need not fear death, pain or even hell – I obey out of sheer gratitude, amazement and delight.

Check back soon for part two.

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