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Sep 7th, 2011 by admin

By: admin Sep 7th, 2011


(Continued from Act I, Scene II, Part i)

I began to see clearly that people judge themselves based on their battles with sin. Even the church groups us together by our struggles. Maybe it’s time we stop letting our mistakes define us. Maybe it’s time we stop letting the fear of the unknown and the shame of the unrest determine our value. As the Body of Christ, maybe it’s time we start setting higher standards and living by a new set of rules. We must begin to see ourselves and others in the light of our potential. Is that not what God does? The moment we fell, God plotted a plan of redemption. Though none deserve it, He began speaking to us as His family. His Law allowed for as much fellowship as possible with the wall of sin, but His ultimate sacrifice brought Him closer to us than He had ever been. Even in the garden, He walked among men but now His presence dwells within us. Can I grasp that as a reality and let my entire being be transformed by this truth?

For ourselves, it’s not “Hi. I’m Jo and I struggle with sin.” It’s, “Hi, I’m Jo and I’ve been redeemed, set free. I’m more than a conqueror because of Christ Jesus, my Lord.” For others around us, it’s no longer just the woman who had the child out of wedlock, the man who can’t seem to beat his alcohol addiction or the homeless guy that can’t get his act together. It’s time that our vision resemble God’s. Our perspective must become, “Hey, isn’t that a beautiful and precious child of God who has yet to see how much they’re loved?”

We are better than our sin. We are better than the shame, doubt and fear that has deterred us for too long. I am ready to present the world a beautiful, holy, glorious God. I want the joy people see in me to become contagious. Once you get to know the Lord in an almost indescribable way, experiences with Him become addictive. He is applicable and present; He is available and wonderful. He cares more than we could ever know. His passion for us is fierce. His love allowed Him to do the unthinkable to rescue our souls. The depths of His mercy are more vast than I could ever hope to explore. He is good and He gives us all we that need to be better.

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